Questions! Questions! Answers?


What is El Sistema?

How is El Sistema different from other forms of music education?

How will El Sistema change the branding of classical music in the United States?

Is classical music cultureless?

Why should African-American communities care about El Sistema?

What connotations does the term "El Sistema" carry in the United States?

Should El Sistema target only underserved children?

To audition or not to audition?

From the director to the students, how do you get everyone in an organization to believe the same thing?

How do you develop a strategic imagination?

How does El Sistema intervene in the institution of poverty?

How do you structure passion?


How do you sustain active engagement? (Isabel)

How do you develop the Venezuelan values of El Sistema in the United States? (David)

How do we find that 80%? (Graciela - question refers to Eric Booth's idea presented in his article El Sistema's Open Secrets that "80% of what you teach is who you are")

How do we embody the core values of our institution? (Steven)

How does El Sistema develop within our current understanding of democracy? (Me)

How do we convey enthusiasm? (Patrick)

How do we reconcile El Sistema's flexibility with the actual practice of running an organization? (Marie)

How do we inspire kids' parents? (Andrea)

What isn't working in El Sistema in Venezuela? (Adrienne)

How do we properly advocate for El Sistema? (Laura)


What is the verb that brings El Sistema to the United States? (Eric Booth)

What are the crucially distinctive features of El Sistemaness? (Eric Booth)

Where do the aforementioned features rub against what we have experienced in our personal backgrounds? (Eric Booth)